How not to wear a white transparent sari – with Aishwarya, Kareena, Shruthi

Everybody can make a fashion faux pas — except Aishwarya Rai — or so we thought, until we saw her in this transparent white sari with an unflattering bikini blouse underneath. There is only one way to put it — Aishwarya looks like she’s wearing a white bra under her sari!

One thing about transparent saris, especially white ones – you have to be extraordinarily careful about the kind of blouse that you wear. Too much adornment and it looks like a peep show. Too little, and the blouse begins to look like an under garment. To achieve a sexy, see-through look, the blouse has to be just right!

Aishwarya’s blouse is much too plain to wear under a highly see through sari.

aishwarya rai in transparent sari and white bra

This is a super transparent sari (below) with an over adorned blouse. It is ok to wear see-through, but not this much. There is a fine line between sexy peek-a-boo and just plain naked – and this sari – well, is just going – what line?transparent sari with bra blouse

This picture of Kareen Kapoor shows that it is very hard to get the look right when wearing a super transparent white sari. In this case, the blouse looks more like an exercise bra.

kareena kapoor in transparent white sari and bra top

So is it possible to get the see-thru white sari look right? Yes, if you take a look at Shruthi Hassan. The white sari is sheer but has embroidery to tone down the bareness. The bikini blouse is perfect. It has enough embroidery to not look like a bra, but not too much where everybody would be peering at it. By the way, is that just a strategically placed grey pearl on the sari, or does Shurthi have a pierced belly button?!

Shruthi Hassan in a white transparent sari with bikini blouse

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