Sexy Riya Sen on the catwalk in a cotton sari

Sexy Ria Sen looks alluring on the catwalk, in an unusual cotton sari and a halter neck blouse. Her face and look are reminiscent of her glamorous grandmother, the famous Suchitra Sen, whose had the most haunting and expressive pair of eyes that ever graced the Indian movie screen.

Sexy Riya Sen on the catwalk in a cotton sari

That being said, this is a really weird sari. It has most colors under the sun, and that too combined in a really ugly fashion. The sari started out by being a typical handloom Bengali “Taant” sari, but got an added-on fish scale like appliqué border. And as if there was not enough cacophony going on with the sari, the blouse adds new clashing tones of brown and green, which are not even in the sari.

This sari should not reflect Riya’s taste – on the catwalk, you pretty much have to wear what you get. All I would say to the designer is – make up your mind!

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