Ultra Low Rise Sarees – wear it, flaunt it


You can see another example in the Om Shanti Om saree by Shilpa.

If you think I am going to complain about this style – you are wrong.

I live in Los Angeles, I have seen really really ultra low rise jeans and have appreciated the sheer sexuality it exudes.

Here is an example of low rise jeans:

low rise jeans

You can go as low as you feel comfortable.

At least with Saree, you have the option of using your pallu to cover up the tummy if you wanted to, so it is better than wearing really low rise jeans.

You can not wear saree as low as you can wear jeans because, for saree, you need to wear a petticoat that is as low as it can go and then have several layers of pleats on top, so it is always going to be a few mili meters higher.

We have already talked about wearing a saree below naval, this is just a tad lower.

If you can wear it, flaunt it! Saree lets you do it, unlike any other garment.

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