Hints on design to come for Air India Saree Uniform

ritu_beriRitu Beri has been tapped to design the uniform (including sarees) for Air India.

Here are some hints on the design to come:

“The inspiration for this project comes from the sacred Konark Sun Temple of Puri. This Temple marks a point of achievement in architecture depicting the grace, joy and rhythm of life, all in its wondrous variety. There is an endless wealth of decoration, from intricate patterns to boldly standing sculptures, which is the foundation for the uniforms. The print on these saris will depict wheels and arches of the Temple. The saris and tunics will have sun symbols with rays going in all the directions reflecting the Konark Chakra…..”

The uniforms will include sarees, tunics, scarfs, jackets, coats, aprons and shoes as well as specially designed ties for men in colours of red, orange, black & white.

Can you tell that I am really looking forward to seeing her designs?

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