Right saree, wrong pleats, worse jewelry


Ok, this is exhibit number one why most designers have abandoned heavy jewelry, especially heavy necklaces with their saree collections.

The jewelry looks so out of place. Instead of looking elegant, the outfit looks gaudy.

I like the saree, it is simple and colors are inviting but I am not convinced that it is pleated right. It looks “unmade” and haphazard.

Just image the same model, same saree, sans necklace and perfect pleats. Now that would be beautiful.

PN Gadgil Fashion Show in Pune /source – indiatimes

You want to see the same mistake repeated in another saree?


Again, lose the necklace, it is not helping, please. It is a gorgeous saree, it doesn’t need any help from gold jewelry.

I know, I know, the fashion show is sponserd by a Jewler, what do you expect? But when would they learn that jewelry is not something that you throw on after the fact; it is something that needs to be integrated in to the outfit.

If sarees are being innovated, the jewelry makers has to innovate with it. Don’t keep offering the same designs that don’t fit in the wardrobe, especially since the gold is $1000/oz.

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