Sari with Lycra fiber – Deepika Govind’s designs.

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So just as the West’s leading fashion houses work to develop garments with LYCRA, now India’s top designers have sparked a fashion revolution by introducing LYCRA fiber into their latest sari ranges.


Taking inspiration from both East and West, the new range of saris was created by Deepika Govind using a number of different LYCRA-blend fabrics including cotton, lame and silk.

The saris have six advantages over traditional garments, thanks to their use of ground-breaking Sensitive fabric with LYCRA fiber made by Eurojersey:

1 Greater comfort – the fabric now stretches in two-directions thanks to the innovative use of LYCRA fiber;

2 Less material – saris can be made with only 4.5 yards of fabric compared to the usual 6 yards;

3 Lighter weight – thanks to Sensitive fabric with LYCRA, saris are now half the weight and drape more easily;

4 Improved breathability – ideal for warmer climates;

5 Quick drying – with easycare status, fabrics are easy to wash and dry quicker than traditional fabrics;

6 Enhanced colours – Sensitive fabric has a completely uniform surface, resulting in colour enhancement and high-definition yield for prints; it also provides endless creative possibilities for inserts and creative edgings.

Additional benefits, found in certain garments across the range, include anti-bacterial properties, as well as anti-UV and chlorine resistant capabilities, making them ideal for climates with round-the-year warmer weather.

I like the color enhancement part but got turned off by 4.5 yards comment. I don’t mind fusion, but don’t bastardize it, please. If you want to make it 4.5 yards, just go make a dress instead.

Deepika shouldn’t have let this happen – if it is already lighter, why do you further need to reduce the length.

Its like going to a peacock and saying, hey, I have something that will enhance the color of the feathers- great, I have something that will be lighter – great, and I have something that will make the the feathers less dense – NOT OK.

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