Shabana Azmi’s fugly saree


I used to love Shabana and then she had too much botox injected. She looks constantly surprised. This is what happens when you go to a cheap cosmetic surgeon.

And then on top of it, this saree is awful; first of all there are four contrasting colors that don’t play nice with each other. The pallu has two competing bright color borders, which disturbs the balance of the saree; a 3/4 length blouse with the broad band looks really odd and as if this litney wasn’t enough, the violet fumes that are leaking out near the feet (is that a part of the petticoat? hope not) is hurting my eyes. I am not even going to talk about the attempt to give this a half saree look by different texture near the pleats!

There is only ONE word that captures everything about this saree – this saree is FUGLY.

I compare her to Rekha (they are both contemporaries) and see how grace ful Rekha looks.

Shabana needs to know her limit of pushing the design envelope and stay with in her boundaries of fashion sense.


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