Oh, how much I hate bridesmaid saree

bridesmaid saree

I have yet to find a picture where bridesmaids look really good in saree. This could be a conspiracy because you want the bride to look the most beautiful at the wedding but it really bothers me to see a saree go to waste.

Out of all the pics I have seen, this is a better one, but it still not good enough. Until Vera Wang starts designing sarees (ok, I will make an exception – until Ritu Beri starts designing bridesmaid sarees) let’s give this a rest.

The worst part is that for may of the bridesmaids here, this might be one of the few sarees that they might own, please give them something that is not destined for the back of the closet. May be this is a good place for multiple blouses where the saree can be transformed by having a new hip blouse.

Picture from the NewYork Times – Vows | Scenes for a love marraige.

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