Top 5 Designer Sarees of 2007

Here are the top 5 designer sarees of 2007.

Purely my personal taste – your yardage may vary.

5. Satya Paul India fashion week ’07: I love how the house of Satya Paul uses a panoply of colors!


4. Anjana Bhargav’s Revival Collection: Clean beautiful lines and interesting silloheute.



3. Gauri Bajoria’s HijiBiji collection. I particularly liked this piece.


2. Shoba De’s Christmas Collection: I didn’t like the last year’s collection, but this year, it has certain vibrancy to it.



And the drum roll, please:

1. Satya Paul’s Inspired collection: Each piece is so beautiful and it is a saree painting that has a story to tell.


And of course, the Satya Paul’s POP art collection was out of this world.

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