Vintage Saree Silk Skirts from Sarilady

Introducing the Sari Lady:

I like what she has done with the the vintage sarees – she has transformed them, metamorphosed them, permuted them and transshaped them but each creation still has the soul of the saree in it!


From her website Sari Lady:

We are so excited to share our beautiful collection with you. Our best selling product is our VINTAGE SILK SKIRTS which are handsewn in India. They are all one of a kind and are made of recycled saris. They are one size fits most and reversible. They can all be worn up to fifteen different ways! Each style can easily be turned into a top, a dress, a beach wrap, etc…… Each skirt is distinctive in spirit, color, pattern, and history. Discover yours!

I especially liked the long skirts – here is one example:


Please visit her website or check out her work when you are visiting Sandiego.

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