Sari conflict. : Blouse sleeve length

An anonymous blogger said (june 2007):

I picked up my sari blouse and it is beautiful. My dad is apparently horrified at this idea of a sleeveless sari blouse (it has kind of a decorated strap instead on the side that isn’t covered by the


sari). It’s not scandalous or anything; it’s very tasteful and the strap is about two inches wide, so whatever, a few more inches of arm. I’m trying to find a picture…hmm none of them are similar…I guess the one below, just the shape of the blouse I mean, not the style or color, cause my sari is black with a gold and red embroidered border and not all patterned and I won’t be lounging around dreamily in nature while I’m wearing it.

Perhaps this one is a better example. And my blouse has embroidery all on the back, but none on the front (cause it’ll be covered by the sari). I think I will wear my hair up so it will show.

When my dad heard about this sleeveless blouse (my mom excitedly told him about it this morning), he got all angry and then he stopped talking for the rest of the day. I think what happened is that this respected elderly uncle saw a girl who was wearing a strappy Indian outfit and commented to my dad that girls should never wear things like that. My dad said to my mom, “That’s not even the fashion!” and my mom retorted, “What do you know about fashion?!”

so it was quite the showdown. So then I thought I might just wear one of my old saris, but my mom pushed forward and so I guess I’m wearing the new one. Sari conflict.

I also bought giant earrings to go with my outfit, because apparently the trend now is to wear giant earrings and no necklace. Four aunties have told me this information over the past three days, which is surprising, because every time I don’t wear a necklace, some aunty will come up to me and ask why I’m not wearing a necklace.”

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