More Vintage Slides This Sunday


More Vintage Slides This Sunday    vintage sarees traditional sarees miscelleneous

Here is another pretty transparency from the late 1950s or early ’60s… and it is neat because we get to see this lovely woman in a retro kameez suit (great print!) too.  Ebay lists these as tourist shots but perhaps the photographer, likely the blond man seen in another image, knew the subject of his slides – they don’t look that random to me.  The lightweight silk saree is in one of my very favourite colour combinations of orangey-red and purple.  Our model’s checked choli, medallion necklace and large bun hairdo are all classic looks.  Anyone recognise the place where the photographs were taken?

More Vintage Slides This Sunday    vintage sarees traditional sarees miscelleneous

Rohit Bal Saree at Qutub Minar – Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale

Rohit Bal Saree at Qutub Minar   Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale    designer saree

Rohit Bal’s Collection showcased at The Grand Finale of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015.

Wished I could see the blouse…

But may be it is not meant to be seen.

Loving it otherwise.

Ileana D’Cruz in Satya Paul

Ileana DCruz in Satya Paul    sexy saree saree pics saree blouse design saree blouse navelicious fav sarees designer saree

picture from

Ileana D’Cruz is, apparently, one of those Indian actresses who doesn’t often wear sarees, so it was a surprise, for some, when she modelled this saree at a recent Satya Paul show in Dubai. This is a spectacular outfit but, I think, that has more to do with the blouse and the drape than the saree itself.


Logoed Sarees

Logoed Sarees    miscelleneous

picture from IBNLive

You may remember, back in August, Sunny showing us a picture of a saree with a pattern based on the Facebook logo. Well that saree may have been inspired by this one. This picture went viral on Facebook in India in March. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the phone in the green speech bubble is the logo for WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service in India. As far as I know, the origin of this picture remains a mystery. Some have suggested that it was a publicity stunt by WhatsApp but they’ve never confirmed that. However, this does seem to have started something of a trend as you can see from Sunny’s Facebook saree and the Apple saree below the fold but what is going on here? Is there a small company in India producing a range of logoed sarees or are fans of these companies getting these sarees made up for themselves somehow?


Retro Saree from a Slide this Sunday

Retro Saree from a Slide this Sunday    vintage sarees traditional sarees saree pics

This appealing woman seems so happy to be captured for posterity on a slide from 1965.  I liked her expression, the beautiful instrument and the block-printed bedspread.  But the real reason I picked this transparency image was the colour of her saree!  The delicately patterned white borders set off the luscious shade of what used to be called desert rose.  It is incredibly wonderful – a flattering shade that glows with life but isn’t cutesy or overbearing – also repeated on the matching but un-spotted choli fabric.  What a classic look from 49 years ago!

An Autumn Vintage Sunday

An Autumn Vintage Sunday    vintage sarees saree history


I like this postcard view!  Our dancers might be a mother and two daughters, posed to show the fountain setting which, in turn, frames the women.  The trees are wraped in foil, with what looks like grape bunches and vines.  The harvest-time elements are nicely balanced by deep-coloured sarees suitable for what we in the US call fall weather, now that we have passed the autumnal equinox.

The ebay listing said the card was 1930s, but I’d place it several decades earlier.  The massed, quite long center pleats of the sarees are like the wonderful front trains on even earlier sarees from Mysore, worn by the royal ladies with such style!  The smoothly pulled back and bound hair, and tight waist belts add a sense of dignity-with-fashion that I find appealing – and wish I coud emulate.


An Autumn Vintage Sunday    vintage sarees saree history