Anupama’s Style

Anupamas Style    wordless wed designers designer saree

picture from the Hindustan Times

This could easily have been a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post but I think a little context is worthwhile here. The woman in the picture is, fashion designer, Anupama Dayal and, yes, she is wearing one of her own creations. Love the smile, love the pose and, certainly, love the saree!

(You can see the article this picture is from by clicking on the picture.)

A Very Saree Business

A Very Saree Business    firangi friday saree

picture from The Age (Aditya Mendiratta)

This lively image is from a charming little article by, Australian, Ashleigh Bonner (on the left here, I think) published in The Age newspaper. It explains how, during a trip to India with her sister, the two of them are invited to a wedding and goes into the trials and tribulations of getting suitably attired. I think they did pretty well.

(You can read the article by clicking on the picture.)

A Ritzy Vintage Automobile as Accessory

A Ritzy Vintage Automobile as Accessory    vintage sarees saree history miscelleneous

Just what some of us would have wanted to accessorise our trendiest sarees back in the late 1920s - a very beautiful car!  I love the way the model’s pallu is draped around to fall in front showing almost no blouse.  It looks really sleek and modern that way, soooo elegant!  And I find it interesting that the saree hem is what could be called “walking length” rather than hiding the cute, low heeled pumps.

Of course, the chauffeur would have worn a snappy uniform, and I don’t really think she is going to go off anywhere all by herself, despite casually opening the driver’s side door.  Any fans of old vehicles know the make, model and year of this classic machine?

The Search for the Saree-Clad Tech

The Search for the Saree Clad Tech    vintage sarees saree history

picture from MIT Technology Review

This picture was taken at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in 1959. It shows an anonymous laboratory technician studying the projected image of a cloud-chamber photograph. Trying to work out, from the trails in the picture, what subatomic particles were present. The picture was used by MIT in various publications and displays throughout the 60′s and 70′s.

In 2004 MIT opened the new Ray and Maria Stata Center. The building was dedicated by Hale Bradt, PhD, emeritus professor of physics. He was delighted to see this picture in the buildings lobby as he remembered the woman as a colleague from his graduate school days. Bradt, however, could not remember her name if, indeed, he’d ever known it. This sparked off a search for the anonymous lab-tech. MIT archives revealed that her name was Santosh Verma and that she joined the research group in 1955. However, apart from discovering some evidence that Santosh had probably returned to India with her husband, the trail went cold.

In 2009, Hale Bradt shared the story with Chandar Sundaram, the Indian father of one of his freshman advisees. Sundaram volunteered to help when he returned to India and within a few weeks he’d located Santosh and her husband, Raj, in New Delhi and passed their phone number and address back to MIT. When he called Santosh, Hale Bradt found that she had fond memories of he four years at MIT, the only time that she had worked outside the home, particularly as her daughter was born during her time there. Bradt told her that her picture was now in a permanent display in the lobby of the new building and he hoped she could come and see it but Santosh said that their travelling days were behind them, she was in her late 70′s, and declined. The Verma’s were sent their own copy of the picture. Santosh Verma died in 2012 at the age of 82.

Is there a moral to this story? Well I can’t help feeling that if Santosh Verma had rejected her sarees in favour western attire when she moved to the US, she wouldn’t be the treasured part of MIT history that she is today.

(You can read the full story from the MIT Technology Review by clicking on the picture.)

Jacqueline Fernandez in Seema Gujral’s Gold Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez in Seema Gujrals Gold Saree    saree blouse design fav sarees designer saree bollywood saree

Jacqueline Fernandez covers Hi! Blitz for the month of April 2014. She dons a gold strapless blouse and white sari with embellished gold border by Seema Gujral.

Love this Priyanka Saree

Love this Priyanka Saree    designer saree bollywood saree

OMG, this is gorgeous. 

Let me spend a minute to admire it, 

Yup.. still loving it…

Love this Priyanka Saree    designer saree bollywood saree